Nice T’Meet You

Well hello there.

My name is Francesca.

I am a musician, a singer, a songwriter and a sucker for all things love, nature, friends and family.

If you’re a fan of people blurting out their thoughts on a page whilst also trying to make sense of these thoughts then you’ve come to the right place.

No, seriously. Thanks for the support.

I’ve decided to start a blog because I feel (and know to be true) that there are so many people in this wonderful world that feel trapped in their own minds and thoughts and wind up totally spaghetti-o’d (tangled) in their own words.

I’m here to say, ‘me too!’.

As a musician and artist I feel lots of confusing things all the time. Sometimes I am grateful for this because I create art from it (promotional plug!) and in turn I create something that others can relate to and fall on to support them when they are struggling to find expression and understanding in their own form. I want to do this in my writing as a blogger as well as an artist.

So be patient with me, I’m new to this!

I hope you find comfort, support and affirmation in my words. You’re not the only one seeking those things!

Lots of love and hugs x

Braces are cool.